Volume 1 Issue 5

Review Article
December 17, 2020

Behavioral Evidences of Female Sex Offenders: Victim or Co-Author?

Mauro Paulino*, Sofia Gabriel and Laura Alho Abstract:

The investigation about the behavioral evidences of female sex offenders is scarce, partly because of society’s own stigma about a woman being an aggressor rather than a victim. Nevertheless, there is an increasing amount of research demonstrating women’s involvement in sexual abuse, pornography and child prostitution. This review article aims to explore the differences between the behavioral evidences that defines solo- and co-offenders female sex offenders and their specific motivations for committing these crimes, which have implications for intervention. The results show different motivations when the crimes are committed on a solo basis, motivated by sexual attraction to children or involving a cooffender, motivated by the female sex offender desire to give pleasure to the co-offender. In this perspective, it would be important that other review articles continue to explore these differences and, in parallel, study the relationship between the female sex offender and the co-aggressor. The study of these two fields would be fundamental for new prevention strategies and intervention tools with these female sex offenders.