Volume 2 Issue 3

Research Article
February 16, 2021

Comparative Analysis of Treated Openings and Comprehensive Study of its Building Physics in Context with Sustainability in Nagpur (India).

Disha Ashok Kumar Barik*and Ajay Thomre Abstract:

Today India is witnessing a paradigm shift. After Industrial resolution, urban development was flourished. This transaction led to the development of concept called sustainability. Nagpur being geographically centrally located has generated a major impact on history of Architecture. This architecture comprises of various building elements in a structure where treated openings are critical components of any building’s envelope. Treated openings (doors and windows) are considered main elements of buildings that on first glance establishes the Character of the Structure. This research revolves around identification, spotting and understanding the functional language of treated openings with comparative analysis of its building physics with respect to its function, style, use, technique used in construction, change in scale and materials used for over the period of 100 years in Nagpur region.