Open Access Journal of Dental and Oral Surgery

Cross-Sectional Study Correlating Findings from Full-Mouth Radiographs to Patients’ Epidemiologic and System Health Data

Research Article
Volume 2 - Issue 3

Byung K Choi, Christine I Peters, Aparna Nidamarthi, Ana Arias and Ove A Peters


This study correlated radiographic findings to epidemiologic data and systemic health records. A representative sample of full mouth radiographs (n=1545) was analysed. Systemic health information regarding Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Human Immunodeficient Virus (HIV) infection, neuropathy, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), corticosteroid consumption, chemotherapy, and bisphosphonate consumption was collected by reviewing charts and multivariate regression analyses were performed. Patients with crestal bone loss had fewer teeth, more implants, Root-Canal Filled Teeth (RFT), and more teeth with radiolucent areas (PRRL). Prevalence of crestal bone loss increased with age; HIV-positive patients had fewer teeth while patients with neuropathy had more implants and RFT. Presence of DM, CVD, or history of corticosteroid, bisphosphonates, or chemotherapy did not affect numbers of teeth, implants, RFT and PRRLs. The presence of PRRLs and crestal bone loss was not significantly associated with any of the systemic factors. Radiographic endodontic outcomes may not be negatively impacted by the systemic conditions investigated.