Global Journal of Pediatrics
[ ISSN : 2833-3721 ]

Current Status and Research Progress of Chinese Children’s Immunization During The COVID-19 the Pandemic Situation

Research Article
Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Article DOI : 10.54026/GJP/1005

Fuyong Jiao1*, Fen Ma2 , Siqiong Li3 , Feng Yang4 , Wenxing Qiao5 andYang Xue5

1Children’s Hospital of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, China
2Preventive Health Division, Class 1603 of Pediatrics, China
3Dept of pediatrics, 4th of Xi’an city hospital, Xi’an, China
4Ankang People’s Hospital, China
5Department of Clinical Medicine, Xi’an Medical College, China

Corresponding Authors

Fuyong Jiao, Children’s Hospital of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, China.


Infectious diseases; Vaccine; Vaccination; Immunization program; Progress

Received : February 12, 2021
Published : March 22, 2021


Vaccination is the most economical and effective means to prevent control and even eliminate infectious diseases, and it is one of the most basic public health service items provided by the government to the masses. Every year, April 25th is the Publicity Day for Children’s Vaccination in China. Due to the new crown pneumonia, the city is closed to fight the epidemic, and the vaccination is suspended. My country’s rapid control of the new crown epidemic has started in an orderly manner with child vaccinations. In the 70 years since the founding of New China, my country’s public health, especially the prevention and control of infectious diseases, has made world-renowned achievements, which are inseparable from vaccination. This article aims to carry out the vaccination work under the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in my country, the types of domestic Class I and II vaccines and the vaccination procedures, as well as the methods for replanting children after they are not vaccinated in time due to the epidemic or other uncontrollable factors. Vaccine research and application development of innovative vaccines are summarized and sorted out.