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Frequency of Periodontal Disease and its Relationship with Age and with Comorbidities of the Metabolic Syndrome in Inhabitants Between 20 and 79 years of Age in the Sierra Gorda, Querétaro, Mexico

Research Article
Volume 4 - Issue 2 | Article DOI : 10.54026/OAJDOS/1057

José Francisco Murrieta-Pruneda1*, Sandra Miranda Mora1 , Brenda Contreras Pérez1 , María Lilia Adriana Juárez López1 and Julieta del Carmen Meza Sánchez2

1Faculty of Higher Studies Zaragoza, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
2Metropolitan Autonomous University-Xochimilco, Mexico

Corresponding Authors

José Francisco Murrieta Pruneda, Faculty of Higher Studies Zaragoza, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico


Oral Health; Physical Activity; Dental Caries; Dental Erosion; Periodontal Inflammation

Received : March 03, 2023
Published : March 14, 2023


Aim. To evaluate the frequency of periodontal disease and its relationship with age and the presence of metabolic syndrome in a group of patients from Sierra Gorda, Mexico. Methodology. A descriptive, cross-sectional and prospective study was carried out in 208 patients between 20 and 79 years of age, both sexes. Prior to the epidemiological survey, a Dentist Surgeon was calibrated (Kappa=0.91; p=001). To measure the presence of periodontal disease (PD), the Community Periodontal Index (IPC) was collected. To measure the association between the study variables, the Likelihood Ratio values were calculated because in all cases some of the observed values were ≤ 5, considering a confidence level of 95%. Results. Diabetes and Dyslipidemia were the two comorbidities that occurred most frequently, observing that the older, the higher the probability of finding subjects with some type of comorbidity (p=0.001). In patients who presented comorbidities, a higher frequency of moderate to severe gingivitis and mild periodontitis and cases of moderate to severe periodontitis were observed. Conclusions. It is confirmed how aging and comorbidities are factors of greatest impact on the deterioration of dental support tissues and structures, which leads to greater vulnerability to PD and its complications.