Volume 1 Issue 4

October 02, 2020

The Pains of Grief and Psychic Suffering: A State of Orphaning

Mauro Trevisan* Abstract:

Introduction This article is the result of a doctoral research in psychology, where this part presents the concept of mourning and its subjectivity. The mourning process goes through stages, phases, states or even stages. It also reports on the elaboration process and psychic suffering in the process of death and mourning and the symbiosis that exists between the entities, the greater the affective bond, the greater the symbiotic degree, and in this sense the elaboration process will be more painful. Objectives To describe about human suffering arising from loss and mourning, to propose a reflection on the meaning of orphanity. methodology: qualitative, with exploratory method and literature review technique. Conclusion The formation of the person in contemporaneity reflects a fragile, compulsive existence, with little or almost no solid internal content. It is necessary to learn from the losses, whenever we go through an event we come out stronger or weakened, today we have many support networks that in other times did not exist, so even in adversity, in times of difficulty, it is still possible to find a meaning for life.