Volume 1 Issue 4

Review Article
November 11, 2020

Understanding Perspectives on PracticeResearch Links: Research Aspirations of PsyD Clinical Students

Eva L Feindler* and Sarah Immerman Abstract:

In order to examine the myth that students who apply to a PsyD program rather than a PhD program in clinical psychology are research-avoidant, students across several cohort years who were entering a clinical PsyD Program were assessed on measures related to beliefs and attitudes about research. Although their interests in practitioner skills and outcomes were stronger than their scientific interests, PsyD students did not have vastly different attitudes than students entering PhD programs. Since the majority of PsyD programs admit applicants with strong research backgrounds and then do require dissertation research, evidence for this myth of research avoidance was confusing. PsyD students may be less interested in analyzing data, presenting results and publishing research, but there is still support for a scientific approach to psychological practice.