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Abutment Materials. Which Material to choose? Literature Review

Review Article
Volume 4 - Issue 5 | Article DOI : 10.54026/OAJDOS/1070

Edit Xhajanka1*, Neada Hysenaj12, Anis Thodhorjani1,2, Silvana Bara1, Ramazan Isufi1 and Fatmir Lela1

1Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine, Tirana
2University Dental Clinic, Tirana

Corresponding Authors

Edit Xhajanka, Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine, Tirana


Abutment Materials, Characteristics, Literature Review

Received : October 10, 2023
Published : October 25, 2023


The study is a literature review regarding the characteristics of different abutment materials and their indications. Titanium is still the first choice regarding the construction of the abutments. Anyway, with the increase request for aesthetic, new materials with adequate aesthetic are being considered. The most used materials as abutment materials are: titanium, zirconia, cast gold, alumina, PEEK and resin, surgical stainless steel. There is lack of evidence regarding the properties, the survival rate, the biological complications, technical complications, the response of the soft and hard peri implant tissue of the different abutment materials. Based on the literature, titanium should continue to be considered the first choice in constructing abutments. However, other materials, especially zirconia and alumina, have demonstrated to work equally well and should be considered appropriate for clinical use. There is a need for further research, especially on soft tissue integration and the anti-biofilm properties of the abutment materials.