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Corpus International Journal of Oceanography and Aquatic Research (CIJOAR)

DOI : 10.54026

Corpus International Journal of Oceanography and Aquatic Research is an open access Scholarly peer reviewed Journal and intends to publish the articles relevant to physical and biological aspects of the ocean, marine and aquatic studies. Our Journal intends to expand consistent knowledge and publish reliable basis of knowledge on the innovations and discoveries in the form of research articles, review articles, Opinions, Minireviews, case reports, short communications, etc. in all areas of the fields of Oceanography, aquatic and marine research.

We welcome articles from worldwide and all the manuscripts are handled using an electronic online system, ensuring appropriate evaluations timely. Articles are freely available online promptly upon publication for readers without any obstacles and subscriptions.



Marine Microbiology
Ocean chemistry
Ocean Sciences
Marine conservation
Marine Engineering
Marine Pollution
Marine Technology
Marine organisms
Marine Ecosystem
Marine Environment
Marine Biology
Marine Physics
Maritime law
Aquatic ecology
Fishery Economics
Marine sedimentary
Seafloor geology
Biological Fisheries
Fishery Hydrography
Aquatic ecosystem
Fish farming
Wild Fisheries
Ocean fisheries
Seafood technology
Underwater vehicles
Ocean Circulation
Tropical Cyclone
Physical Oceanography
Fisheries management
Movement of sediments
Geological Oceanography
Chemical Oceanography
Biological Oceanography
Microbial Oceanography
Dynamical Oceanography
Environmental Oceanography
Ocean and Climate Changes
Coastal zone Management
Oceanographic instrumentation
Beach advisories and Beach closures