Author Guidelines

  • Should strictly follow Authors guidelines while submitting article.
  • The article must be submitted in MS Word document only.
  • Preparing of data and results, intellectual property theft and plagiarism are highly unacceptable, it is beyond the ethics of an author. Information obtained from various media can be provided in the manuscript only with prior permission from the owner of the source of information or data.
  • Manuscripts should be sent only in English.
  • Authors can submit the article only if it relevant to the topic with unique content.
  • Authors should not submit article simultaneously to other journals.
  • Already published research work cannot be accepted.
  • Adding Cover page is mandatory for send any type of article.
  • Standard heading - Introduction, Methods & Materials, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements and Reference must be followed.
  • Authors should properly cite the work they are referring, authors are advised to cross check the reference before submission of manuscript that it has all the contents that a manuscript should have.
  • All authors are requested to submit the copyright transfer form without failure once they receive the acceptance of their article for publication.
  • All the figures should be submitted in PNG/JPEG format only.
  • The manuscript cannot be accepted in image format.
  • If the editor gives any review comments, authors are advised to resubmit the desired changes within given time.


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