Archives of Agriculture Research and Technology
[ ISSN : 2832-8639 ]

Time-Resolved Teraohmmeter Assisted Measurements of Plant Leaf Resistance: Kinetic Registration of Plant Leaf Resistance, Plant Leaf Resistance Oscillations and Accelerated Photoinduced Kinetics under UV-C Irradiation

Volume 5 - Issue 2 | Article DOI : 10.54026/AART/1071

Adamovich ED and Gradov OV*

Department of CHEMBIO, FRC CP RAS, Russia

Corresponding Authors

Gradov OV, Department of CHEMBIO, FRC CP RAS, Russia


Plant leaf impedance; Plant leaf resistance; Cole–Davidson function based impedance model; dielcometry; Dielectric spectroscopy; Teraohmmeters; Faraday cages; Etiolation; Multiphysical phenotyping; Agricultural qualimetry; field studies.

Received : May 26, 2024
Published : June 10, 2024


In this paper, we propose a new rapid method for testing the physiological state of an etiolated plant and its short wavelength (UV-C) photophysiological response. For this task we propose to use portable teraohmmeters with Faraday cages (chambers), capable of operating even in field conditions with a battery. With their help, by modifying the design of Faraday cages, it is possible to record the dynamics of growth and decay of plant impedance under various influences - from conventional dark etiolation to exposure to heat and cold in thermostated Faraday cages. In this way, the homeostasis and kinetics of plant adaptation to corresponding stimuli or environmental conditions can also be characterized. As a result of testing this installation, we recorded:

a) Fluctuations in the impedance of a fresh leaf - from self-oscillations to the onset of irreversible death processes

b) High impedance stability of a freshly picked leaf

c) Increase in sheet resistance to etiolation

d) Weak fluctuations - transient cycles of reactive decompensation with an amplitude an order of magnitude less than resistance fluctuations on the active sheet immediately after installing it on the stand drastic acceleration of impedance kinetics upon UV-C irradiation of a plant leaf in EPROM laser (254 nm; Hg line)