Archives of Agriculture Research and Technology (AART)

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Archives of Agriculture Research and Technology (AART) is scientific, open access and peer reviewed journal that publish papers concerned with advance of Agriculture and use of land resources throughout the world.

We also look forward to submissions that describe applications in research that were based on scientific findings in the areas of soil science, crop management, agro industry, fertilizers, horticulture, Pest control, etc. Review papers, Case study reports, Research Articles, Short Communication, Opinion, Perspective, Mini-Review are encouraged as they provide a platform for scientists to provide further direction to Agriculture research and technology worldwide across.

Physiology explains about the science of mechanism behind the body works and has become a fundamental discipline of modern medicine. It analyses the interaction of molecules, cells, tissues and organs, and emphasizes the concept of making up the whole body. The new finding came into existence that autophagy (eating own cell) is an essential component in a neuroendocrine pathway which allows sensory neurons and nutrient levels to work together to influence lifespan. It also reduces the insulin growth factor signalling pathway, by which the cells communicate with their physiologic environment.

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