Volume 4 - Issue 3

Case Report
September 26, 2023
Research Article
September 21, 2023

Adoption of Production Practices to Mitigate Aflatoxin Following Research Projects in Selected Villages in Ghana

A. A. Dankyi1, M. B. Mochiah1, M. Owusu-Akyaw1, I. Adama1, A. D. Agyekum1, I. Yahaya2, M. Abudulai2, G. Y. Mahama2, J. Nboyine2, R. Akromah3, D. L. Jordan4*, R. L. Brandenburg5, J. Jelliffe6, B. Bravo-Ureta7, D. A. Hoisington8 and J. Rhoads8

Archives of Agriculture Research and Technology DOI:10.54026/AART/1057
Research Article
August 30, 2023
Research Article
July 31, 2023