Archives of Agriculture Research and Technology
[ ISSN : 2832-8639 ]

Assessment of the Impact of Plastic Recycling on Agricultural Land Prices: A Case Study in Vietnam

Research Article
Volume 4 - Issue 3 | Article DOI : 10.54026/AART/1055

Nguyen Manh Hieu1 , Le Phuong Nam1*, Roberto F Rañola2 , Louie Marie T Eluriaga3 and Dang Nam Phuong1

1Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), Vietnam
2University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), Philippines
3University of the Philippines Visayas, Miagao, Philippines

Corresponding Authors

Le Phuong Nam, Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), Vietnam


Agricultural Land Price; Hedonic Pricing; Plastic Recycling Pollution

Received : June 24, 2023
Published : July 31, 2023


Pollution in Minh Khai, Van Lam district is seriously contributed by plastic recycling plants. Therefore, this study evaluated the impact of plastic recycling pollution on agricultural land prices in Minh Khai, Van Lam district. Hedonic price analysis was employed in analyzing the data being collected. The results show that crop yield and quality as well as agricultural land prices in the area tend to decrease due to the impact of pollution from plastic recycling. The analysis also showed land prices are positively related to crop yields, soil quality and land size while distance to the highway and quality of the irrigation water are negatively related. Based on the hedonic price method, the research shows that the price of agricultural land increases by 0.97 VND/m2 (USD 0.042 per 1000m2) when away from the plastic recycling area. It is estimated that the value of agricultural land in the district damaged by pollution is about 79 billion VND (3.4 million USD). Therefore, local authorities should implement zoning of production into concentrated areas. Hence, it is possible to invest in pollution treatment and reduce negative impacts on the external environment.