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Volume 2 Issue 1

Review Article
February 28, 2021

Affordance Based Assessment of Ligament Healing in the Knee Joint

Wangdo Kim* and Sang ”_”Gook Kim Abstract:

There is increasing awareness of the need to include patient-reported outcome (PRO) instruments in the evaluation of ligament healing in the knee Joint. Surgical design in personalized medicine is often based on native anatomy, which may not accurately reflect the sensory function of the joint structure, including native musculoskeletal tissues and biomechanical artifacts. To overcome this problem, researchers have developed alternative approaches based on affordance-based assessment. Estimating the instantaneous knee screw (IKS) axis is crucial to implanting a prosthesis and accessing joint kinematics. The correct estimation of the patient-specific joint axis of the knee is essential for achieving a reliable assessment of musculoskeletal kinematics and dynamics. We found that active touch and posture refer to what is ordinarily called touching-variations in skin stimulation caused by surfaces are altered together by motor activity variations. This affordance of “walk-on-able” is worth noting because it is often neglected that locomotion and its surfaces form an inseparable pair. The assessment process can be viewed in terms of action possibilities provided by the active sets of organs residing that can obtain and utilize information about the tissue environments in which the grafts are to be located.