Advance Research in Sciences
[ ISSN : 2837-5777 ]

Are There Any Differences Between the Study of Animal Viruses and Other Species?

Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Article DOI : 10.54026/ARS/1002

Carlos Navarro Venegas*

Faculty of Veterinary and Livestock Sciences (FAVET), University of Chile

Corresponding Authors

Associate professor according to FAVET, Faculty of Veterinary and Livestock Sciences (FAVET), University of Chile. Email ID: canavarr@uchile.cl


Animal viruses; Human Medicine; Veterinary Medicine; pathogens; Health

Received : February 15, 2023
Published : March 15, 2023


One Health: an updated term. Perhaps it means that there should not be major differences between the methodologies that involve the study of pathogens typical of humans and other animals. The techniques are similar, the analysis carried out does not differ and the conclusions are direct.

   Unlike Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine is a multispecies discipline that must also provide a solution to the patient. The study of a viral cycle goes back to the study of the “metabolism” of bacteriophages and today several pathways are known through a virus affecting the permissive cell.

   Legend has it that when André Lwoff was asked for a definition of a virus, he said: viruses are viruses. Let’s see why…