Volume 1 Issue 1

Case Report
October 24, 2020

Awake craniotomy: A Sleep-AwakeAsleep Craniotomy Clinical Case Study

Viera Dorame, Gallo Frias, Luis Gilberto, Pimentel Diaz, Miranda Nava*

Observe and evaluate neurological preservation of patient in posterior position for surgical intervention asleep-awakeasleep craniotomy. Material and Methods: observational, retrospective, longitudinal and descriptive study, considered, as variables are database articles from PubMed and UPTODATE. Clinical case study: The patient is a 57 year old Hispanic male, whom arrives for a neurosurgery consultation at the Regional Military Hospital of Specialties in Guadalajara after presenting an epileptically crisis that initiated in 2013, he was followed up with laboratorial studies and MRI reporting a cerebral tumour located in the frontal right side of the brain. Surgical contentment and space in the operating room (OR) and established to perform surgical resection with biopsy. Findings: Under anaesthesia in asleep-awake-asleep procedure an Oligodendroglioma is found in right frontal side of the brain. Conclusion: Surgery was not possible due to under capacitated medical equipment and previous preparation to perform asleep-awake-asleep craniotomy