Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article
April 02, 2021

Behind Perfect Postpartum Practices: An Exploration into Parenting Support in Sweden

Tiffany De Sousa Machado* Abstract:

Social support is said to provide a buffer against symptoms of postpartum distress. Research indicates Sweden offers the best postpartum social support practices. The social support offered is largely practical in nature. Rates of postpartum depression in Sweden are similar to those in Australia, despite far less state provided social support. This article explores Swedish mothers’ experiences of the postpartum period and social supports offered in Sweden, and asks what is missing. Qualitative research methods were used including Thematic Analysis and Participant Observation. Major themes were identified and synthesised. Social support is often presented with little indication of the type, allowing for gaps in offerings. State provided social support alone is insufficient in alleviating postpartum symptoms of distress. The case for cultural awareness, emotional and appraisal support is made.