Volume 1 Issue 2

Case Report
October 09, 2021

Central Cord Syndrome Mimic-Bilateral Anterior Shoulder Dislocations: A Case Report

Dawn Hui Ru Tan, Michael Yih Chong Chia*

Unilateral anterior shoulder dislocations are the most common major joint dislocation. However, bilateral shoulder dislocations are rare, and when present are mostly posterior. Given the rarity of this clinical entity, many emergency physicians would suspect central cord syndrome in a patient who presents with disproportionate weakness of the arms compared to the legs post trauma. This case report describes a 65-year-old woman presenting with inability to move both arms after she tripped. She displayed signs consistent with an initial diagnosis of central cord syndrome. Appropriate investigations led to the correct and timely diagnosis of bilateral anterior shoulder dislocations. Bilateral shoulder dislocations are uncommon. Central cord syndrome can mimic similar clinical presentations, and vice versa. It is important for emergency physicians to recognise these pitfalls in diagnosis, and to increase awareness of this clinical entity to avoid future late or missed diagnoses.