Global Journal of Infectious Diseases

Characteristics of Oxygen-Dependent Processes in Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Their Dynamics in the Course of Complex Treatment

Research Article
Volume 2 - Issue 1 | Article DOI : 10.54026/GJID/1006

Shafer Yu A

Grodno State Medical University, Republic of Belarus

Corresponding Authors

Shafer Yu. A. Grodno State Medical University, Republic of Belarus.


Pulmonary Tuberculosis; Oxygen transport function of blood; Artificial pneumothorax; Pro-oxidant-antioxidant balance; Monoxide of nitrogen.

Received : September 03, 2022
Published : November 21, 2022


In conditions of tuberculous inflammation, decompensation occurs in the system of peroxidation – antioxidant protection, in which the mechanisms of oxygen transport by blood play an important role. Many pathogenetic links in the development of Tuberculosis (TB) lungs insufficiently studied, in particular, of blood Oxygen Carrying (OC) of blood.