Volume 2 Issue 6

Review Article
November 22, 2021

Development of the Low Toxic Cross Polar Air Transport using Innovative Hydrogen Projection for Large Aircraft and Airships

L Ponyaev*, N Kuprikov, M Kuprikov and N Gebhardt

The new shortly and low cost Regular Airlines Cargo & PAX directions via Arctic Cross Polar Air Transportation Routes of the future High Ecology Efficiency and Safety ICAO Strategy will be base on the more perspective for Trans Continental Airlines Operations by IATA International Law Regulations and World Climate Protect Law. Using the more shortly directions of Trans Polar Flight for Long-Haul Aircrafts (LHA) Routes by leader Airlines Sky Teams with Aeroflot are request to find new Geometrical Layout of Aircraft Design Industrial Projections & Products Lines. The increase in the dimension of LHA came into conflict with modern Airport Infrastructure and led to the search for alternative Arctic Planes & Dirigibles Options for constructively layout circuit solutions with protection of minimum weight and drag issues in order to deal with this contradiction. Computer Digital Aircraft Structural-Parametric Analysis of the influence of Aviation Infrastructure Constraints in the basing of LHA on the choice of alternative Design Options for Lift Fuselage Body or Flying-V layout was carried out.