Corpus Journal of Dairy and Veterinary Science

Efficacy of Progesterone and Estradiol Benzoate Combination to obtain Estrous and Pregnancy in Anoestrics Autochthones Cows in Pasture-based Systems in Huambo, Angola

Research Article
Volume 1 - Issue 3

Carlos Javier de Loyola Oriyés*, Custódio Octávio Chipaca Domingos, Luis Enrique Villalón González, Manuel Francisco Simãoand Efigénia Singa Cassule Camela


To evaluate the effectiveness of Progesterone (P4 ) and Estradiol Benzoate (EB) combination to obtain estrous and pregnancy in anoestrics Autochthones cows in pasture-based systems in Huambo, Angola, 14 cows were treated. The variables were: percent of cows in estrus (CE), open cows (OC), pregnant cows (PC) and BCS; The statistical test used was: Student’s t for the effect of BCS on PC and OC. It was found the CE was 100% in the first 56 hours after treatment, also the BCS determined the PC and OC for a p

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