Environmental Sciences and Ecology: Current Research
[ ISSN : 2833-0811 ]

Efficiency of Hydrothermal Treatment in Cane Production and Control of Xanthomonas Albilineans in Categorized Sugar Cane Seed

Research Article
Volume 3 - Issue 4 | Article DOI : 10.54026/ESECR/1058

José A. Dranguet Isbert*, Héctor Jorge Suárez, Alberto Gónzalez Marrero, Antonio Vera Mendes, Olga Lidia Vega and Efrain Rodríguez

Sugarcane Research Institute, Cuba

Corresponding Authors

Dranguet JA, Sugarcane Research Institute, Cuba


Dranguet JA; Sugarcane Research Institute; Cuba

Received : April 29, 2022
Published : May 18, 2022


The efficiency of the hydrothermal treatment was determined in the seed reproduced by cuttings, for which an experiment was planted in Sancti Spíritus in November 2018, harvested in plant cane and sapling at 10 months of age. Three hydrothermal treatments were evaluated in five cultivars. The variables studied were diagnosis by UMELISA against foliar scald, staining of the xylem vessels (ex officio diagnosis) and agricultural yield. A randomized block design with three replications was used, and analysis of variance, comparison of means and conglomerate tests were performed. The results showed that the treatment of 51º C at 1 hour was superior in cane production, that there were no differences in the diagnosis by UMELISA, in the ex officio diagnosis all the samples reached more than 85% aptitude and the feasibility of the first shoot as seed, there were economic gains.