Corpus Journal of Dairy and Veterinary Science

Oilseeds of Indigenous Fruit Bearing Trees as Alternative Feedstuffs or Supplements in Livestock Diets

Review Article
Volume 1 - Issue 3

Chisoro P1* and Nkukwana TT2


In Africa, commercial and smallholder livestock production enterprises are growing, thereby increasing the demand for livestock feeds. Convectional ingredients mainly maize and soybeans have been and still are the main sources of energy and protein in livestock diets respectively. But with the growth of the livestock sector, the world’s population and increased demand for convectional sources, alternative ingredient sources have to be taken into consideration. The high cost and, sometimes, the lack of availability of the known convectional sources is known as one of the main limitations to efficient animal production. This makes the prospects of utilizing oilseeds of indigenous fruit bearing trees as alternative feed ingredient sources feasible because of their ease of propagation and availability. This review article will explore the options to reconsider oilseeds of indigenous fruit bearing trees found in the African ecosystem as alternative plant based feedstuffs or supplements for soybean and maize in livestock diets. This review will also highlight some of the potential oilseeds of indigenous fruit bearing trees found on the African continent, in order to reduce farmers’ dependence on conventional sources