Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article
May 24, 2021

Procedural Errors Observed with Primary Root Canal Treatment Delivery in Teeth Taken for Non-Surgical Retreatment in a Dental College from Southern India

Valliappan CT, Anand Sherwood*, Mohammed Farooq and Aarthi V

Introduction This observational study was taken up with an aim to observe clinical and radiograph findings associated with primary orthograde root canal treatment failures from patients taken up for non-surgical root canal retreatment in a dental college from South India. Methods A total of 142 teeth taken up for root canal retreatment were included in the study. All the pre-, intra-operative radiograph and clinical mishaps and findings were recorded. A logistic regression analysis was done to assess the mishap factor influencing the presence of pre-operative symptoms. Results Mandibular molar teeth were most frequent teeth included for retreatment. Radiograph evidence of short of apex or inadequate obturation, missed canal and ledges were the most common errors observed. Mandibular incisors had significantly higher incidence of missed canal. Logistic regression analysis showed that obturation short of apex was significantly associated with symptomatic failed root canal treated teeth. Conclusion High percentage of endodontic errors was present in the teeth reported for retreatment with time passed less than 1 year since completion of primary root canal treatment. Coronal restoration failure was low. Inability to reach the root apex was significantly influenced by presence of post and separated instrument