Open Access Journal of Dental and Oral Surgery
[ ISSN : 2833-0994 ]

Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis Case Report and Brief Review of the Literature

Case Report
Volume 4 - Issue 3 | Article DOI : 10.54026/OAJDOS/1061

Robert S Julian III, DDS, MD, FACS1 , Christopher A Chan, DDS2*, Amitkumar Patel DMD3 and Brian M Woo, DDS, MD, FACS1

1Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, University of California San Francisco, USA
2Private Practice, San Diego, CA, USA
3Private Practice, Chicago, IL, USA

Corresponding Authors

Christopher A Chan, Private Practice, San Diego, CA, USA


Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis; Facial Pain; Antifungal Therapy; Oral Ulcers

Received : April 16, 2023
Published : May 01, 2023


The purpose of this paper is to present a case report of rhinocerebral mucormycosis in the setting of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus in which the patient underwent aggressive surgical and medical treatment. The outcome of the case was a success with the patient surviving despite having intracranial involvement which was left untouched. In addition to presenting the case, we will review the literature in regards to invasive fungal infections of the maxillofacial region, its various presentations, therapeutic modalities, and outcomes of treatment. Our goal is to share our experience and provide a review of literature to help provide a foundation of knowledge upon which clinicians can identify and rapidly treat maxillofacial cases of mucormycosis.