Volume 1 Issue 4

Review Article
August 28, 2020

Socio-Psychological Motivation and Extreme Tourism as a Manifestation of Addictive Behavior

Marina G Chukhrova1,2, Sergey V Pronin1,2*, Tatyana A Fil1 , Sergey I Gusev3 , Aklima N Sultanova4 , Natalia V Mozolevskaya1,2, Yuliya A Naumova1 Abstract:

Extreme sports (hiking, hiking in winter, rafting on mountain rivers) have a strong addictive potential, which is accompanied by the possibility of penetrating into an altered state of consciousness and stimulating the dopamine link in neurotransmitter metabolism. We studied the behavior of 98 tourists in trekking (18-35 years old, 62 men and 36 women), as well as questionnaires and interviews, and analyzed their motivation. We believe that tourism is the path to addictive behavior. Motivation was found to vary with age and sporting experience. We found symptoms of addiction in their behavior, psychological and physical dependence. ?onclusions: sports tourism is one of the ways in which addictive behavior is manifested.