Current Trends in Engineering Science
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Transforming Society: The Evolving Impact of ChatGPT Technology from Present to Future (A Short Approach)

Mini Review
Volume 3 - Issue 5 | Article DOI : 10.54026/CTES/1041

Bahman Zohuri1* and Farhang Mossavar Rahmani2

1Golden Gate University, Ageno School of Business, San Francisco, California, USA
2Department of Finance School of Business and Economics, National University, San Diego, California, USA

Corresponding Authors

Bahman Zohuri, Golden Gate University, Ageno School of Business, San Francisco, California, USA


ChatGPT Technology, HumanMachine Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Society, Present Applications, Future Impact, Customer Service, Education, Content Generation, Ethical Concerns, Bias, Misinformation, Development, Healthcare, Personalized Insights, Emotional Support, Education Transformation, Communication, Creativity, Entertainment, Companionship, Ethical Frameworks, Innovation, Values

Received : August 23, 2023
Published : August 28, 2023


The advent of Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transform (ChatGPT) technology has ushered in a new era of humanmachine interaction, transforming the way we communicate, learn, and create. This article explores the journey of ChatGPT from its current applications to its potential future impact on society. Presently, ChatGPT has found its place in customer service, education, and content generation, revolutionizing these domains through its natural language processing capabilities. However, ethical concerns related to bias and misinformation have emerged, underscoring the need for responsible development and usage. Looking ahead, the future potential of ChatGPT is vast and transformative. Its integration into healthcare could offer personalized medical insights and emotional support. In education, it could reshape learning experiences through tailored tutoring and content creation. Moreover, it holds the promise of transcending language barriers, fostering global communication and collaboration. The realms of creativity, entertainment, and companionship also stand to benefit from Chat GPT’s evolving capabilities. While embracing these opportunities, it is crucial to address ethical considerations, such as bias mitigation and content verification. The responsible implementation of ChatGPT, guided by comprehensive ethical frameworks, will determine its true societal impact. This article underscores the importance of striking a balance between innovation and ethics, ensuring that Chat GPT’s journey continues to enrich our lives while upholding our shared values.