Corpus Journal of Dairy and Veterinary Science

Utilization of Amaranth as an Alternative Livestock Feed Ingredient

Review Article
Volume 1 - Issue 4

Chisoro P1* and Nkukwana TT2


The livestock sector plays a very vital role in improving the food security status of people in the world. Maize and soybean are traditionally the main energy and protein sources in livestock diets respectively. However with the consideration that the livestock sector is growing as well as the world’s population, an alternative ingredient or supplement to maize and/or soybean can be quite helpful and has to be taken into consideration. For the greater part in livestock production feed accounts for the largest single cost of about 60%-80% of the total cost and maize and soybean prices are on the rise. Since the prices are on the rise for these convectional ingredients, it implies that for farmers, in particular those in developing countries, that maize and soybean is going to be less accessible. This makes the prospects of utilizing amaranth as an alternative energy and/or protein supplement feasible. Considering its availability in some of these areas and its ease of propagation. This review article will detail the options to reconsider amaranth as an alternative suppliment to maize or soybean in animal feed.