Volume 2 Issue 1

Review Article
February 25, 2021

Violation of the Balance of Activation of the Hemispheres of the Brain as the basis of the Burnout Syndrome

Sergey V Pronin*, Marina G Chukhrova , Sergey I Gusev , Natalya A Malkina , Victor N Efimov , Larisa A Khodos Abstract:

Burnout syndrome creates problems for organizations and employees themselves and needs to be studied. The purpose of the study: to identify neuropsychological and psychological correlates of the burnout syndrome, which will allow to objectify this condition. An open, non-randomized, prospective study of 339 people of the “human-human” professions was conducted. Emotional burnout syndrome was identified, personal characteristics were analyzed, and a neuropsychological examination was conducted. It is shown that the emotional burnout syndrome is based on neurophysiological mechanisms characteristic of the state of chronic stress. This condition is characterized by an imbalance of activation of the hemispheres of the brain and includes the right-hemisphere dominance in the background of left-brain deficit, misalignment of the activities of the cerebral hemispheres, the violation of interhemispheric transfer of emotionally significant information. The revealed signs of disintegration and misalignment of the brain structures create prerequisites for insufficient awareness of their activities and adequate response to work situations.