Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article
March 02, 2021

Analysis of Nd:YAG Laser Weld Thin Sheets of 304L and Galvanized Iron

Tadamalle AP* , Reddy YP and Kapatkar VN

Nd:YAG Laser welding has been used for the joining of dissimilar metal Thin Sheets of 304L and Galvanized Iron Sheet in a but joint configuration. The laser weld joint provides better weld as compared to traditional welding methods, to obtain perfect butt-welding of thin dissimilar metals welds without defects relatively difficult. The experiments were conducted on 0.5 mm thin sheets to evaluate the weld joint characteristics. The experiments were conducted as per the Taguchi orthogonal array design matrix. Weld samples are tested on SEM and XRD for obtaining chemical composition and intercellular spacing at different detector positions. A change in chemical composition and strength of weld joints and also computed the grain size, microstrain, and dislocation density on weld top surface. The results of strength and weld bead dimensions obtained from the analytical method are in close agreement with each other. The outcome of the research work is useful for analyzing the weld top surface characteristics.