Archives of Agriculture Research and Technology
[ ISSN : 2832-8639 ]

Evaluation of Agronomic Performance of Sweet basic (Ocimum basilicum L.) at Different Inter-row Spacing in Jalingo, Northeastern Nigeria

Research Article
Volume 1 - Issue 4

Garjila YA *, Shiyam JO and Datti A

Published : December 21, 2020


The study examined factors influencing honey marketing in Abia State, Nigeria. It specifically examined socioeconomic characteristics of respondents; analysed the cost and returns, marketing margin and marketing efficiency; and identified the factors influencing profits among honey marketers. Thirty respondents were drawn from each zone respectively to have 90 respondents. From the zones, Ikwuano LGA was selected form Umuahia Zone, Isikwuato LGA from Ohafia zone and Osisioma LGA from Aba zone. The results showed that males dominated the both markets with a fair distribution of ages. The marketing margins and efficiency were high indicating the existence of excellent performance in the entire honey market. The multiple regression analysis showed that there were significant factors influencing marketers’ profits. It showed that marketing experience and patronage size were positively related to profits in both markets with household size and storage cost negatively affected profits in both markets too. Based on the findings of study, it was recommended that government should provide rural areas with developmental projects so as to reduce youth’s urban migration and thus get them involved in honey marketing and as well as provide marketers with market grants and loans at low interest rates. Marketers on their own are advised to form intricacies for improving overall profits.