Volume 1 Issue 2

Mini Review
September 08, 2020

Numerical Study of the Fracture Behavior of a FGM Circular Disk

Boulenoaur A* Abstract:

Finite element analysis (FEA) combined with the concepts of Linear Elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) provides a practical and convenient means to study the fracture and crack growth of materials. In this paper, the mixed mode stress intensity factors (SIFs) for functionally graded material (FGM) are evaluated by means of the displacement correlation technique (DCT). Using the Ansys Parametric Design Language (APDL), the variation continues of the material properties is incorporated by specifying the material parameters at the centroid of each finite element. In this work, a circular disk with a center crack inclined is investigated. The developed approach is validated using available numerical results reported in the literature.