Volume 2 Issue 6

Research Article
November 22, 2021

Optimal Design of Green Tech Hybrid Electric Integrated Aircraft and Solar Disk Airships for Short Arctic Air Transport Corridors

L Ponyaev*, M Kuprikov, N Kuprikov and R Loos

The Ecology Decarburization issues decision may focus priority to the complex Design Analysis of the more Optimal Structure of the Large E-Aircraft and E-Airship for decrease of the Weight and Engine Power with Hybrid Electric Propulsion (HEP) systems are very actually today for Worldwide Ecology Program. The Method of Aircraft layout from the virtual mass center is given, which allows us to obtain the Aircraft layout from the conditions of Infrastructural Constraints in the terminal configurations of the Modern Air Transportation Infrastructure and IATA/ICAO Regulation. Calculate Method is proposed for the synthesis of new circuit solutions for an Aircraft passenger compartment and may be use to any Solar E-Dirigibles Projections future. A Geometrical representation of the concept of LHA with large passenger capacity made with a Drop-Shaped Fuselage in the Aerodynamic balancing Flying Wing Body Scheme is given. The new Body Plane E-Aircraft and Lighter-then-Air (LTA) Vehicles with cover of Solar Film Component Systems will be more innovation projections for High Safety Green Tech Air Transportation.