World Journal of Food and Nutrition

Review on Contribution of Diversified Food Production for Improved Human Nutrition

Review Article
Volume 1 - Issue 2

Endris Hussen *
Published : December 23, 2021


Diversified food production is about producing foods from various sources that are rich in all the essential micronutrients, available in sufficient quantities and accessible to people all year round. It serves as a tool to improve human nutrition by ensuring food and nutrition security. Furthermore, it plays also a great role by alleviating peoples from the problem of hunger and malnutrition either by increasing their dietary diversity or by enhancing level of their economic status. There are different food groups namely; Cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, animal products and fats which have a synergistic relationship with human nutrition. However, over reliance on each one of the food groups only may lead to poor health and nutritional status. Combined production of all these formerly mentioned food groups could improve health and nutritional status of peoples through enhancing their dietary diversity or being served as a source of income. Therefore, this paper is aiming to address the role of diversified food production for ensuring food and nutrition security.