Corpus Journal of Case Reports

Right Ventricular Pacing-Induced Hypotension and Pulmonary Edema

Case Report
Volume 3 - Issue 2

Eyad Alhaj* , Ali Alhaj and Jeremiah Haines

Department of Cardiology, Franciscan Hospital, USA

Corresponding Authors

Eyad Alhaj, Department of Cardiology, Franciscan Hospital, 3500 Franciscan Way Michigan City, IN 46360, USA. Phone: 513-2273354


Right Ventricle Pacing; AVD; VIP; Hypotension; Pulmonary Edema


We hereby report a case of hypotension and pulmonary edema induced by right ventricular pacing, Ventricular Intrinsic Preference (VIP) algorithm was inadequate in maintaining intrinsic ventricular rhythm, prolongation of Atrioventricular Delay (AVD) aided in restoration of normal hemodynamics

Received : April 15, 2022
Published : April 29, 2022


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