Volume 1 Issue 4

Review Article
December 02, 2020

The Casting of AA6111 Aluminium Alloy Strips using Single and Double Impingement Types of Liquid Metal Feeding System

Niaz U, Isac MM, Guthrie RIL* Abstract:

In this research study, thin strips of AA6111 Aluminium Alloy were produced using the Horizontal Single Belt Casting (HSBC) process. Two different types of liquid metal delivery systems were investigated, namely “single” and “double” impingement, metal feeding systems. The double impingement feeding system possesses an inherent ability to reduce the final impact of the molten metal with the moving belt, reducing a considerable part of the molten metal’s kinetic energy, by first impacting the inclined refractory plane. By contrast, the single impingement feeding system suffers no loss in its initial kinetic energy, before striking the moving belt. This can result in greater penetration of molten metal back into the quadruple region, possibly leading to the formation of skull, and possible termination of casting. The characterization of the strips produced, involves the microstructures analysis and three-dimensional surface roughness