Volume 2 Issue 1

Research Article
March 30, 2021

The Effect of the Adsorbed Phase of Methane on its Mass Transfer in the Elastic Area of the Rebuff Pressure of the Coal Seam

Serhii Minieiev1*, Alla Prusova , Oleksii Yanzhula and Oleksandr Minieiev

The article investigates the process of filtration of methane in the elastic area of the rebuff pressure of a gas-saturated coal seam, taking into account the adsorbed methane. The calculation of the possible degree of filling the pores of the disturbed zone of the coal seam with adsorbed methane according to its entropy was calculated. The calculation showed that the state of the thermodynamic system adsorbed gas-microporous coal space is most likely energetically with a degree of pore filling with methane by 40%. In this regard, when filtering free methane in a coal seam as a result of a pressure drop between its free and adsorbed phases, additional coal saturation with adsorbed methane can occur. As a result, it was determined that as the support pressure reaches the disturbed zone max, this volume can increase. This will lead to a decrease in the gas pressure in the filtration stream of free methane and will create a “reservoir” with a significant amount of methane adsorbed on the border with the inelastic area.