Archives of Agriculture Research and Technology
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Will Africa Agriculture survive the Impacts of COVID-19: What are the possible Impacts and Opportunities?

Mini Review
Volume 1 - Issue 2

Benard O Muok*

Published : June 22, 2020


In this paper, we argue that COVID-19 could have an enormous impact in African agriculture. Faced with the reality that agriculture is key to its future, Africa is putting effort into agricultural transformation to address the demand of its growing population. African governments are putting in place the reforms necessary to unlock agriculture’s potential. These include access to land, new technologies, extension services, market access, access to finance, and private sector investment facilitation. To achieve reforms in the agricultural sector, the African nations are investing in building state capacity. All these gains are currently threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, which threatens to disrupt the agricultural value chain of the already vulnerable and undernourished populations. To ensure post-COVID-19 bounce back, African policymakers need to take a long look into the future post-COVID-19 and design specific programmes to support the recovery of the sector.