Volume 1 Issue 2

Review Article
September 08, 2020

A Review on the Preparation Techniques of Titanium Alloy and the Selection of Refractories

Baohua Duan, Guangyao Chen, Fuhao Xiong, Xiaomei Liu, Xuexian Zhang, Qisheng Feng, Baobao Lan, Yubin Xiao, Shiyu He, Lu Mao, Zhu Wu and Chonghe Li* Abstract:

Attributed to the high processing temperatures and high chemical activity of titanium and titanium alloys, it has become serious obstacles for the current industrial production of high-quality titanium and titanium alloys. Based on the cost and quality of production, this review evaluates the current main techniques for the preparation of titanium and titanium alloys, and finds that the conventional induction melting still has irreplaceable value. Subsequently, a variety of refractories that can be used for melting titanium and titanium alloys were sorted out, and a quite promising refractory, BaZrO3 composite, was introduced