Manuscript Guidelines For Editorial

 Manuscript Organization

Running Head

Characters: Up to 50

Font: Times New Roman (Headings)

Size: 12

Alignment: Left

Running head should be added in the Header along with the page numbers.


The title of the paper should provide a concise statement of the contents of the paper. A good title is very important and will attract readers and facilitate retrieval by online searches, thereby helping to maximize citations. The title should include topical keywords and allude to the interesting conclusions of the paper. A title that emphasizes the main conclusions, or poses a question, has more impact than one that just describes the nature of the study.

Running title

A short ‘running title’, of not more than 55 characters (including spaces), for use as a headline Words: Up to 20

Font: Times New Roman (Headings)

Size: 15

Alignment: Center

Title should be in Bold and in Title Case.

Authors and affiliations

  • Author names should be given in upper- and lower-case, not in all capitals, to avoid ambiguities. The author for correspondence must be clearly indicated. It is permissible to include the names of more than one author as corresponding author, but a single author must act as the point of communication during the peer review process.
  • The name and address of the laboratory or laboratories and university where the work was done, and present addresses of authors who have since moved.

Corresponding author details

Detailed Author’s address, including telephone number, Fax number and email address for the corresponding author should be mentioned.


This outlines the state of current research and the context of the research presented. Often it will cover work previously carried out by the same research team and how the new results relate to that. Authors should not assume that all readers will know why an area is worth studying; they should briefly make this clear. Previous relevant work should be sufficiently cited but this should not constitute a full review.

Font: Times New Roman

Size: 10


In addition to the main authors, who are defined as being responsible for part or the whole of the paper, additional individuals may be thanked for their contributions. These include technical staff or other academics who may have discussed or suggested improvements but did not directly partake in the research.

Font: Times New Roman

Size: 10

Conflict of Interest

Declare if any economic interest or any conflict of interest exists.

Font: Times New Roman

Size: 10

Note* If there are any sub headings in the body text, sub-categorize them accordingly under the heading in which they fall.

For example: 1. Heading

          1.1. Sub-heading

          1.1.1. Sub-sub-heading


Throughout the paper, any statement will be backed up with notes to additional literature. These are stated in a reference section, towards the end of the paper. References do not necessarily come at the end, but may appear as footnotes at the bottom of the page so can be read without flicking to the back page of the paper each time. Provide the link for the listed references.

Font: Times New Roman

Size: 10

 General style of reference

1. Journal References

Author name/s (Year) Title of article. Journal short name Volume (Issue): Full inclusive page numbers.

2. Book References

Author name/s (Year) Title of the book. (Edition), Publisher name, place, city, country, pp. full inclusive page numbers.

Author name/s (Year) Chapter/ topic name. In: Author name/s (Editors.), Book name. (Edition), Publisher name, place, city, country, pp. full inclusive page numbers.

3. Conferences

Author name/s (Year) Conference topic. Name of the conference, Country.

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